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SoMee is different, it’s the REAL social media option available to you today!

Create your Content

Create your content, videos, posts, images, whatever you want, however you want, and add it to your timeline – be it your main feed, page, group or even private/secret groups/pages. It’s YOUR content, we never share it without your permission.

Share, Like and Comment on Other Content

Creating content is great, you can earn rewards for it, but you should like, share and comment/reply to other content too, after all, the more you interact, the more you earn!


That’s it, after each post is paid out, you’ll receive your author and content curator rewards automatically. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Want to know what you will earn?

Use the calculator here to have an idea of what you will earn on SoMee compared to other platforms*

*: By entering your email you agree to receive emails from SoMee. Calculations of earnings are only estimated and will vary for each person based not only on number of friends/followers, but on activity level using SoMee, posting content and “liking” content on SoMee leveraging your own voting power. Read our FAQ to learn more about the rewards system earnings, voting power and how the auto monetize feature works.

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SoMee Pro Packages

SoMee is for EVERYONE, and is free to use - but if you want to accelerate your earnings on the platform, considering getting one of our pro packages. Our most popular ones are listed below.


Our most Popular Package
$ 20 Monthly
  • Featured Member
  • Verified Badge
  • Boost 3 Posts
  • Boost Pages
  • $16 worth of SME/Hive Power*


Jumpstart SoMee Earnings
$ 50 Monthly
  • Featured Member
  • Verified Badge
  • Boost 12 Posts
  • Boost Pages
  • $40 worth of SME/Hive Power*


Great for Influencers & Creators
$ 720 45 days
  • Featured Member
  • Verified Badge
  • Boost 70 Posts
  • Boost 40 Pages
  • $576 worth of SME/Hive Power*

Need To Ask A Question? Check Our FAQ Section Below


Go through the questions below to check if we already have a solution for your problem
What is HIVE?

Hive is a blockchain, similar to Steem, that allows you to earn when you post; all posts on the SoMee ecosystem are also HIVE posts - so you earn HIVE as well as SME (our HIVE-based token) for posting.

How do I earn on the platform?

Simply post, comment, like, and share. Anytime you upvote or downvote, post, or people do the same to your posts, you earn.

What is Voting Power?

Voting power determines how strong your individual votes are worth; for example, you could vote someone at 100% voting power, in which case, you could give them quite a big reward; or vote at 10% and have more votes to cast during the day.

How much is a like worth on the platform?

It really depends on how much voting power the person has, as well as their overall 'gravity' on the platform. Those who post more often, or are more active, tend to have stronger votes, as they tend to have more voting power. And the weight of the vote also counts. It's difficult to give you an exact value. But, the higher the voting power, the more the weight, the higher the vote is worth.

What is SAT?

SAT is the SoMee Advertising Token; it's used by the advertisers to build their campaigns, and also used by users to stake for their campaign of choice for the part of the ad revenue generated by that campaign on the platform.

What is KYC?

KYC means 'Know Your Customer' it is a way for companies, applications, and platforms, to verify that the person you are dealing with, is a real person. We use KYC because we do financial transactions on the platform. Don't worry, though, no one has access to your information, even at SoMee - the system verifies all of that for us.

How do I get support?

You can get support by going to, or by going to our main telegram channel, or by going to or by emailing support at [email protected]

How do I invest?

You can invest with SoMee in many ways - from company level investments, down to crypto project investments. For questions, please email [email protected]